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Democratic candidate Mondale on the campaign trail in Oregon. Joe Phillips wins the shot put competition for Chemeketa Community College in Oregon. Portland Trail Blazers guard Dave Twardzik before a game against the Kansas City Kings. Neo-sannyasins greet Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in Antelope, Oregon. Gaucho and his facón at a ranch near Artigas in  Uruguay. Homeless man sleeps inside his cart used for collecting scrap in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A crippled youth and friend beg for handouts in São Paulo. Carmen Gloria Quintana; beaten and burned alive during Pinochet's brutal dictatorship in Chile. Pinochet's henchmen; dictatorship in Chile. Leftist graffiti on a wall in Montevideo, Uruguay. Raging warehouse fire in São Paulo. Olympic gymnast Tracee Talavera on the balance beam. McNary High School scoring a goal vs North Salem at Hoover Field in Oregon. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & his famous sky-hook. Presidential candidate Jesse Jackson with a young supporter near Corvallis, Oregon. Embattled Governor Neil Goldschmidt of Oregon inside his private office at the state Capitol in Salem. Former presidential candidate John B. Anderson lectures in Oregon. Somber moment at the dedication of the Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Portland. Oregon State University gymnast Tina Barnes loses her balance on the uneven bars. Portland Trail Blazers vs Dallas Mavericks at the Memorial Coliseum in 1980. 1980s Minor League Baseball in Oregon. Diego Maradona of Argentina against Ecuador during a Copa America game. Television reporter files a story on deadline at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Fuselage of the Boeing 737-200 of Varig Airlines after it crashed in the Amazon jungle. Victim of the Varig Airlines jet crash in the Amazon. Angry-looking President Collor de Mello arrives at Planalto Palace. Protester gets shoes shined during bank workers strike in Brazil. U.S. Trade Rep. Carla Hills whispers to Ambassador Richard Melton in Brazil. Families of the 'Desaparecidos' in Uruguay. 'Prayer For World Peace' in Brazil.
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