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An improvised field in the Paranoá forest near the Brazilian capital. Quintessential 'soccer mom' in Brazil, high heels and all. Neymar Jr. prepares for a corner kick at the Mané Garrincha in Brasília. Soccer legend Pelé and his trademark bicycle kick against Italy at Pacaembu. A player focuses on his coach's advice at halftime. Kicking it around with the boys along the southern border with Uruguay. City workers during a pick-up game at dusk in the capital. Young men practice on Copacabana Beach in Rio. Romário hushes rival fans after scoring at Maracanã. The scoreboard says it all as Flamengo players celebrate. Corinthians goalie Dida saves a penalty kick to win the FIFA Club World Championship. Santos FC supporters cheer their club at Morumbi Stadium. Soccer fans crushed in a stampede during the national championship game. Improvised soccer field at a farm near the Amazon River. Soccer goalpost at an inundated farm on the floodplain along the Amazon River. Serving beer to fans watching a game on TV in the far reaches of the Amazon. Creative advertising on the back of a city bus during the World Cup. Fanatic prays before the start of a World Cup match. Costumed fan during the World Cup, observed by a homeless man. Anxious moment as fans at a bar watch Brazil play a World Cup game. Shedding tears as Brazil bows out of the World Cup. Another improvised field along a debris-ridden shore of the Amazon River. Playing at low tide on the muddy riverbed of the mighty Amazon. Dreaming of one day becoming a futebol star.
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