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Archery judge takes a close look during the Central American and Caribbean Games. A pitcher begins his workout shortly after sunrise in Florida. Baseball star Bryce Harper loses his helmet after taking a big swing. Tony Gwynn scores winning run of the 1994 All-Star Game past Ivan Rodriguez. Orioles baseball star Cal Ripken Jr. observes a teammate's at-bat. Kids seek autographs at a Minor League baseball game in Salem, Oregon. Summer traditions die hard during the first Fall football practice in Salem, Oregon. Nowhere to run during the Pop Warner Super Bowl in Florida. Two-time Super Bowl champion Kurt Gouveia during a Philadelphia Eagles game. Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins linesmen face off at RFK Stadium. An eagle appears to mimic a hang-glider above the Esplanade in Brasília. Life imitating art during the Air Race World Series in Rio. French 250cc pilot Vincent Philippe takes a wet corner at the Jacarepagua circuit in Rio. 500cc world champion Àlex Crivillé and a southern lapwing converge at the racetrack. Red Bull X-Fighters rider frames the statue of Christ in Rio. X-Fighters jump at the Corumbá waterfalls in Brazil. Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso of Renault at a Grand Prix race. Formula One legend Ayrton Senna celebrates another victory. A nap and ice cream for Ferrari pit crew during a Grand Prix race. A runner gets some early exercise in the nation's capital. Indigenous people join a 5K run along Copacabana Beach in Rio. Cuban high jump silver medalist at the Caribbean Games in Maracaibo. Ukraine pole vaulting legend Sergei Bubka. News photographers squeeze in to record Olympic champion Maurren Maggi. Yawalapiti indians practice Huka-Huka wrestling at their Amazon village. The peculiar choreography of sport. Lake Paranoá and the JK bridge dominate the view at the 17th tee in Brasília. Tiger Woods and a following at the WGC-World Cup in Argentina. Michael Jordan steals the ball from Toni Kukoc; 1992 gold medal game. Dream Team superstars enjoy the Olympic experience in Barcelona. Wipeout while surfing at Praia do Forte Beach in Bahia.
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