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Brazilian entertainer Tiago Leifert at 'Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance'. Young boy relaxes after gathering a herd of water buffalo in the Amazon. Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo and President Cardoso on Independence Day. A reveler at the Sambadrome during Carnival in Rio. Actor Marcelo Serrado and Gargoyle outside the Beast's Enchanted Castle. Maori performs the traditional 'Haka'. Youth strikes a pose while scavenging at a waste dump in Brazil. A pitcher contemplates... Jedi apprentice and Colombian social media star Paulettee, near the Millennium Falcon. Yawalapiti indians play traditional Uruá flutes at their Amazon village. Indigenous man checks his watch in Brazil. A gaucho looks on at a ranch in Uruguay. A 'pioneer' and his musket at Fort Clatsop in Astoria, Oregon. Stormtrooper near an AT-AT walker from Star Wars. Secretary of State Clinton at President Rousseffs inaugural in Brazil. President Collor greets a crowd in Brasília. Markets plummet as a nervous stock trader keeps a wary eye on the boards. Ghost Hosts await visitors outside the Haunted Mansion at Disney's Magic Kingdom. Chinese businessmen attend a trade conference in the U.S. Costumed guest dances at a wedding reception. Faithful reach out to Pope John Paul II for a blessing. Waiting for a bus at dusk in Santiago, Chile during Pinochet's dictatorship. Quechua women rest near Ollantaytambo in Peru. 1B Albert Pujols jokes with an umpire. Four-time Formula One world champion Alain Prost. Worshipers at the Valley of the Dawn in Brazil. Illuminated bride and her friends during a wedding reception. Emotional bride taking her vows. Serendipity; portrait of a young girl. English pop entertainer Michelle Heaton. British Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife snaps a picture at Iguazu Falls. Invictus Games champion U.S. wheelchair basketball team.
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