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Pororoca expedition member reads by lantern while traversing the Amazon River at night. Transportation in the Amazon rainforest en route to surfing the Pororoca. Catching a nap before surfing the Pororoca near the mouth of the Amazon River. Surfers scan the horizon for the oncoming Pororoca bore wave. Jet ski pilot and surfer during a dangerous storm on the Amazon River. Surfers prepare to catch the Pororoca bore wave just after sunrise in the Amazon. Jumping to catch a Pororoca tidal bore wave in the Amazon jungle. Surfers paddle into a Pororoca wave on the Mearim River at dawn. Surfing a Pororoca tidal bore wave in the hinterlands of the Amazon jungle. Pororoca wave explodes along a muddy shoreline of the Amazon rainforest. Surfing the tallest Pororoca bore wave ever recorded on the Araguari River. Surfers ride the Pororoca wave inland through the Amazon Rainforest. Plants and debris are always a threat while surfing the Pororoca in the Amazon. A boat is capsized in the maelstrom of the Pororoca on the Amazon River. Stranded surfer awaits rescue in the turbulent aftermath of the Pororoca. Serginho Laus chats with local boys during an expedition to the Pororoca. A riverboat traveler relaxes while traversing the mighty Amazon. Trio of surfers ride the Pororoca bore wave inland, some 30 miles from the ocean. Lone surfer in a remote area on the Amazon River. Riding the Pororoca on the Araguari River, inland through the rainforest. Surfer on the Mearim River at dawn in the Amazon.
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