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An elderly woman relaxes outside her home as the sun sets in Artigas, Uruguay. Gaucho and horse at sunset near Artigas, Uruguay. A priest listens to a confession at the Cathedral of Brasília. Honor guards and hot air balloons at Planalto Palace. Sunrise at the JK Memorial in Brasília. Breathtaking view of workers atop the statue of Christ at Corcovado Mountain in Rio. Sailboat at the gilded Bay of Guanabara in Rio. Fiery sunrise as a boat traverses Guanabara Bay toward Rio de Janeiro. Worshipers in prayer at the Valley of the Dawn mystical community in Brazil. And the winner is... well, he's in there somewhere! Cathedral of Brasília on a stormy afternoon in the Brazilian capital. Portrait of a bride at the National Cathedral in the Brazilian capital. A passenger jet soars past a waning crescent moon at dawn. Flight to a tropical paradise... A colorful halo forms around the shadow of a passenger jet on final approach. Tropical sunrise at a resort in Florida. Brown pelicans await handouts at the St. Augustine Beach Pier. A snowy egret sits atop a perch as the sun rises at Cape Canaveral. Alligator crosses a road on Merritt Island near the Kennedy Space Center. Street scene at Canindé in Brazil's arid northeastern state of Ceará. Curious tribesmen have a look at a cellphone. A visitor stretches at the Inca sanctuary of Machu Picchu in Peru. A cruise ship sails eastward following a storm in the Caribbean. Cruise ship guests observe a Mediterranean sunset near Italy. Floating souvenirs at Disney World. Minnie Mouse and Cinderella Castle at Disney's Magic Kingdom. A sun halo forms around the state capitol building in Salem, Oregon. Idyllic homes; beachfront view amid Douglas-fir trees and fog in Oregon. Setting moon and JK memorial in Brasília. A motorcycle stuntman slides through flames on a Hollywood movie set. Navy crewmen during a lull in flight operations aboard the USS Enterprise. Buzz Lightyear looms large above Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Past and future meet at Disney's EPCOT. Humanoid robot Gort from 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' outside a restaurant.
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