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Lone protester confronts Police in front of the Congress in Brazil. Sanitation workers and homeless children near the main bus terminal in Brasília. Workers scavenge through garbage at a waste dump in the Brazilian capital. News photographers brawl with a security guard at Itamaraty Palace in Brazil. Elderly man and Police calm stone-throwing protesters near the Bourse in Rio. Armed standoff with Police during the hijacking of Bus 174 in Rio. Silent contemplation; a peasant farmer in Brazil. Portrait inside a home after being shot up during the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. MRTA guerrilla gestures during their hostage siege in Lima, Peru. A child pedals past heavily-armed Police during the MRTA hostage crisis in Peru. Injured survivor of the Varig Airlines jet crash in the Amazon jungle. Relatives who lost loved ones in TAM Airlines jet crash. A man weeps for victims of the Pulse nightclub mass shootings in Florida. Police repel protesters at the Summit of the Americas in Canada. Policeman hit by molotov cocktail; Summit of the Americas in Canada. Exhausted policeman rest during riots at the Summit of the Americas. U.S. Capitol Police line up for anthrax testing after 9/11. A catapult officer launching fighter aircraft aboard the USS Nimitz. Protester throws back tear gas at Police near the stock exchange in Rio. End of the line for a fleeing bank robber in Rio de Janeiro.
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