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'Smoke Squadron' and a hot air balloon along the Esplanade of Brasília. Idle fishing boats at sunrise in Bahia. Yawalapiti indians at their village in the Amazon Rainforest. A model and chapeau at a fashion show in Rio. Worshipers pray in the rain before sunrise at the Valley of the Dawn. A fisherman at Praia do Forte beach just after sunrise in Bahia. Hyacinth macaws in flight over the Pantanal wetlands. 'Christ the Redeemer' overlooking Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio. Carmen Miranda and Carnaval  revelers near Ipanema Beach. Non-verbal communication during a weekend barbecue. Apprehensive soccer fans watch a World Cup game. Riding a water buffalo at a ranch in the Amazon wilderness. Blissful moment at her first Catholic communion. Child worker toils away at a waste dump in the capital of Brazil. Students protest outside the Bourse in Rio during a privatization auction. Changing of the presidential guard at Planatlo Palace. The informal economy; a makeshift barbershop in the capital Brasília. Dystopian architectural landscape of Brasília, capital of Brazil. Lone worker departs the National Congress at dusk. Presidents Rafael Correa of Ecuador and Lula da Silva at Planalto Palace. President Cardoso inside his private office at Planalto Palace. President Collor in a Northrop F-5B jet fighter. Former Brazilian Presidents Cardoso and Sarney. Life of the military honor guardsmen at Planalto Palace. Uneasy standoff; Policeman and indigenous man with bow & arrow, in Brasília. Senators work the phones during a plenary session of the Congress. A full moon rises beyond a bored security officer and the Congress. Homeless man scavenges a meal from a garbage dumpster in the capital. Homeless boys sleep in front of a children's clothing store in the capital. Washer completes his tasks at dusk atop the National Congress in Brasília. Kids enjoy a swim at flooded farmland in Amapá. Portrait of Tapuya Fulni-ô indian Towê and his pipe. Local farmer amid ravaged landscape of the Amazon. Drought-stricken landscape in the arid northeastern state of Ceará. Elderly woman berates Police during violent protests in Rio. A shootout with bank robbers in the financial district of Rio. A summer weekend at Copacabana Beach. Santa Claus keeps an eye on sunbathers at Copacabana Beach. The shape of leisure along Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. The view from above Leblon Beach in Rio. The shape of leisure at Ipanema beach in Rio. Carnival revelers dance up the runway of the Sambadrome. Photo-bombers; a tourist snaps a self-portrait at Three Powers Square in Brasília.
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